30 Years of Excellence – That’s the Difference

Poly-Ag Corp was founded in 2003 and has been privately owned since then. The company is under highly experienced management, implementing the highest level of self-evaluation motivating it toward forward with continual improvement, while upholding the quality of the products and professional services it delivers to all its customers. This is how Poly-Ag has succeeded, in a very short time, to become America’s leading supplier of Agricultural & Horticultural films, indeed one of the continent leaders in the field.

Specializes in the manufacture of an extensive range of advanced films for Agricultural & Horticultural with a sizable manufacturing capacity and a range of machinery capable of addressing market requirements all over the world.

Horticulture & Agriculture products

Poly-Ag offers a variety of products for Agricultural & Horticultural, such as: greenhouse covering, low tunnels, soil covering, Silage and Silage bags. The films are in a variety of thicknesses, widths and colors, according to the customer’s requirements.
Our films are tailor made to the customer needs depends on the crop, application the climatic conditions in which it will be used.

Nets and Ground Cover

Poly-Ag offers a wide variety of nets, Shade, Anti insect and Anti Hail nets, A.A Politiv manufactures woven nets for Agriculture, Horticultural, pest nets, hull nets and shading nets in wide verity of colors, black, gray, white and more.


Politiv is proud to introduce, The most innovative Silage & Grain Bag on the Market Today.

A.A.Politiv in conjunction with ExxonMobil, has developed a silage & grain bag by utilizing years of extrusion experience in agricultural film.

The SiloTech bag is engineered with the features that matter most to farmers and harvesters around the world.

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