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Greenhouse & Tunnel film

Greenhouse & Tunnel film

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Cover Films for Growing Tunnels

Greenhouses and high tunnels are structures covered with a solar ray-transmitting film. The structure provides physical protection of the crops against winds, rain, snow and other natural hazards. It also enables interior climate control. The better the climate control inside the structure, and the better the conditions within, the better the quality of the resulting crop will be. Growing inside climate-controlled greenhouses enables production and a supply of vegetables year round – high quality vegetables at reduced use of pesticides.

Basic Properties of the Greenhouse Cover Films:

  • Good Mechanical Properties: the films’ mechanical properties are determined by the film composition and content. All AA Politiv films comply with the requirements of Israeli Standard 821 Part 2.
  • UV Resistance: polyethylene is damaged by the ultraviolet rays (250 to 400 nanometer wavelengths). This damage affects the mechanical properties, which are degraded until eventual failure to transmit light through the film. To prevent or minimize this damage, the right stabilizers need to be added. The types and concentration of stabilizers varies according to the lifetime expected from the film, geographic location and exposure to chemicals.
  • Proper Transmission of Visible Light: visible light is the spectrum required for plant photosynthesis to take place. Visible light transmission can be controlled and planned according to the requirements of the plants, the growing season and the growing location.
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Item NumberProductFeaturesUV Stabalized (Years)T.L.T %L.D %ThermicACAD
E1436SunView™White 50-55%14755---
E1576SunView™White 50-55%44570---
E1824SunView™Diff 2000ppm38570-
E1834SunView™T-15 shade28565-
E1835SunView™TW-25 White27570-
E1836SunView™T-15 shade383 to 8565 to 70-
E1840SunView™AL-25 shade370 to 7550-
E1846SunView™ Cool3 to 48775 to 85--
E1867SunView™AL-15 shade28350-
E1898Everest™25 shade38365-
E1909WhiteTigerMulti Use31----
E2105SunView™Diff28660 to 65--
E2127Everest™28 shade28070-
E2128SunView™V-15 Green28565 to 70--
E2143Diamond-15™D-1549055 to 60-
E2149SunView™Clear 3000ppm 39025--
E2406SunView™Clear 3000ppm 39117--
E2469SunView™W-25 White26570--
Overwinter & 1 Year films
E1414SunView™Clear 1Y129025-
E1424SunView™Clear 1Y129020--
E1425OW MaxClear109020--
E1435SunView™White 30%127050 to 60--
E1436SunView™White 50-55%124755--
E1437OW MaxHDClear10 to 129020--Reinforced
E1448OW MaxWhite 30%1067 to 7050 to 60--
E1449OW MaxWhite 50%104855--
E1450OW MaxWhite 70%103060--
E1453OW MaxHDClear109020--Reinforced
E1455OW MaxHDWhite 70%103060--Reinforced
E1458OW MaxHDWhite 50%104855--
E1459SunView™Diff 1Y128570--
E1464OW MaxWhite 25%107550 to 60--
E1465OW MaxDiff 108750--
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