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SiloTiv™ Silage Covers from Poly-Ag Corp.
Poly-Ag Corp., established in 2004 with offices in San Diego, CA USA, is a major supplier of plastic films
(PE) and a wide variety of nets for the agriculture industry. We are a subsidiary of A.A Politiv Ltd. (1999)
Enterprise, a leader in manufacturing plastic films (PE) for agriculture and horticulture worldwide.
SiloTiv™ Silage Covers are tri-layered extrusions utilizing the latest resin technologies from
EXXON Mobil™. We utilize virgin grade resins throughout both the white and black layers to ensure
best possible conditions for fermentation while protecting your silage for a full 12 months.

SiloTiv™ Silage Covers are designed to withstand harsh winters in northern climates and the high heat
and humidity of southern climates. SiloTiv™ Silage Covers are designed to withstand the rigorous
demands of any farm. Available in sizes:

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Item CodeUV LifeWidthLengthSheets/Pallet
SiloTiv™ Silage Covers White / Black- 5 mil Gauge
E19221 Year2410030
E19221 Year3210020
E19221 Year3215012
E19221 Year4010020
E19221 Year4015012
E19221 Year402006
E19221 Year5010015
E19221 Year5015012
E19221 Year502006
E19221 Year5910012
E19221 Year591509
E19221 Year592006
E19221 Year5910001
SiloTiv™ Silage Covers Black/White - 6 mil gauge
E19221 Year2410024
E19221 Year3210020
E19221 Year4010016
E19221 Year402006
E19221 Year5010012
E19221 Year501506
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